Hurdan Mori, a traditional Mongolian sport that is still played today.

Hurdan Mori is a type of wrestling that has been practiced in Mongolia for centuries. The sport is popular throughout the country, with many tournaments and competitions held each year.

The rules of Hurdan Mori are simple: two wrestlers face off in a circular ring, and the objective is to throw your opponent to the ground. The match begins with the wrestlers locking arms, and from there, the goal is to use a combination of speed, strength, and technique to overpower your opponent and take them down.

Unlike other forms of wrestling, Hurdan Mori does not have weight classes, so wrestlers of all sizes can compete against each other. Matches can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the skill level of the wrestlers.

Hurdan Mori is not just a sport, but also an important cultural tradition in Mongolia. The sport is steeped in ritual and symbolism, with wrestlers performing a variety of pre-match rituals and wearing traditional clothing during competitions.

In addition to the physical and cultural aspects of the sport, Hurdan Mori also promotes important values like discipline, respect, and perseverance. Wrestlers must train hard and maintain strict diets and exercise regimens in order to compete at a high level, and the sport demands a high level of mental and physical toughness.

Overall, Hurdan Mori is a unique and fascinating sport that embodies the rich cultural traditions and values of Mongolia. Whether you’re a fan of wrestling or simply interested in experiencing the culture and history of the country, Hurdan Mori is definitely worth checking out.

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